Velvet covers - new Artibo collection

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Author: Zela
Nowe tkaniny velvetowe, okładki welurowe, fotoksiążki aksamitne
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Our offer includes not only new colors of covers, but also a completely new collection of velor materials. These are incredibly beautiful and pleasant to the touch VELVET fabrics. A selection of 5 new colors, selected, among others, for velor wedding albums. However, velor is a very graceful and aesthetically and practically fabric that will not go out of fashion and will make your albums gain additional aesthetic and sensory qualities. Meet our New VELVET Collection.

What are velor covers?

Our new fabrics from the VELVET collection are environmentally friendly materials with high abrasion resistance. They are considered to be one of the most durable fabrics used e.g. for sewing curtains or upholstery. They have the so-called fleece cover, smooth with longer pile, which is shaded when you run your hand over it. In addition, they are simply amazing to the touch, which makes it hard to take your hands off them!

In what products are they available?

Materials from the VELVET collection are available in all hardcover photobooks.

This means that you can order velvet covers in our:

Hardcover photo book

Photo Album with thick pages,

Premium photo book.

Unique personalization of velor covers

We personalize covers from the VELVET collection using engraving (laser). The inscriptions engraved on velvet are characterized by a three-dimensional structure, at the same time they are a subdued and, as a result, elegant decorative motif.

Velvet colors

Immerse yourself in the emerald sky like Orion or listen to the noise of the Côte d'Azur by choosing Azure. Mist will envelop you with a swan song, and touching Lila Rose will make you feel as if the scent of a pink lily spreads in the air, while Mokka will remind you of lazy mornings when you enjoyed the taste of mild coffee.

If you want to learn more about the available materials and colors that we use to frame our photo books and photo albums, be sure to check out the website Materials and Papers.