ArtiBook Four | No. 4

Premium photo book

from 109 EUR
Premium hardcover photobook formats
Available sizes: 20x20, 30x20, 30x30, 45x30 cm
Photobook cloth covers
Covers in a collection made of natural canvases or plush velor will provide your photos with a timeless, beautiful setting
Photobook cover with your own text
Cover with personalized text according to your design
Lay-flat photo book that folds flat
Layflat - a book that folds flat, perfect for a panoramic presentation of your photos
Soft pages finished with black inner cover, design 20 to 120 pages
Soft pages finished with black inner cover, design 20 to 120 pages
Photobook with Canon papers: Satin, Gloss, Luster
Three types of photo papers: fleshy Canon Luster, Subtle Canon Satin or Modern Canon Gloss
The highest quality of premium printing
The highest quality of inkjet printing - it is a faithful reproduction of colors, details and tonal transitions
Photobook design with text, subtitles
Design online without limits, add photo and text layouts, or import your own design
from 109 EUR
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Canon DreamLabo

Canon DreamLabo is an advanced inkjet photo printer.
The device is equipped with a system of seven inks and as many as seven FINE printheads. Next to the standard CMYK colour profile, the device is also equipped with photographic blue, amaranth and photographic grey pigments. Such a colour palette selection allows for the reproduction of a much wider range of colours and permits a greater control over the reproduced colours. The highest quality photographic colour pigments guarantee fluidity of hues, unparalleled tonality in photos and excellent colour reproduction. The extra grey ink vests black and white photos with a unique character and an extraordinary natural look.


Canon Gloss 275 g/m²

Canon Gloss 275 g/m² – the highest quality glossy photo paper with a perfectly smooth texture and high gloss level, producing an impression of richer colours, with a very deep black and slightly cooler grey. Due to its high contrast and distinctive glossy coating, it renders image details visibly sharper, while vesting them with a highly pleasing visual character and a visible sense of space. The increased paper grammage contributes to production of more rigid prints which are more resistant to rippling. Produced with the advanced Canon DreamLabo pigment printing technology, works presented on this medium are also characterized by high resistance to fading and loss of contrast over time.

  • Grammage: 275 g/m²

  • Premium Class Paper

  • Uncoated paper

  • Surface type: Gloss

  • High image contrast and sharpness

  • Deep black and saturated colours

  • Fade resistance

Canon Luster 275 g/m²

Canon Luster 275 g/m² - professional photographic paper with slightly reduced light reflectance value and medium-sized grain, reminiscent of traditional resin-coated paper used in photographic darkrooms. It reproduces a wide range of colours with slightly increased contrast while retaining a large number of details in shadows. It perfectly renders pastel tones and subdued colours. Monochrome prints are characterized by extremely saturated black and smooth hue gradation. Produced with the advanced Canon DreamLabo pigment printing technology, photographs on Canon Luster are characteristic for their incredible colour and shade consistency – regardless of the lighting in which the print is presented – as well as enhanced resistance to water, touch, and fingerprints.

  • Grammage: 275 g/m²

  • Premium Class Paper

  • Uncoated paper

  • Surface type: Luster

  • Increased image contrast and sharpness

  • Many details in shadows

  • Fluid hue gradation

  • Increased water and fingerprint resistance

Canon Satin 170g/m²

Canon Satin 170 gsm - high quality semi gloss photographic paper with a delicate satin coat which makes works printed on it extremely pleasant to the touch. Compared to glossy papers, it delivers an extremely toned down colour reproduction, as well as ‘soft’ and slightly less contrasting tonal hue gradation. Produced with advanced Canon DreamLabo pigment printing technology, prints on Canon Satin are characterised by increased resistance to mechanical damage and minor scratches, as well as to water, touch, and fingerprints.

  • Grammage: 170 g/m²

  • Premium Class Paper

  • Coated paper (satin)

  • Surface type: Semi gloss

  • Decreased image contrast and sharpness

  • Toned colour reproduction

  • Fluid hue gradation

  • Increased scratch and fingerprint resistance