ArtiBook No. 3
Photo Album with rigid pages

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Available sizes: 10x10, 12x8, 12x12, 17.5x12 inch
Available sizes: 10x10, 12x8, 12x12, 17.5x12 inch
Handicraft craftsmanship, which we have been developing for many years, guarantees a solid, long-lasting product
The craftsmanship developed over many years guarantees a solidly made, long-lasting product
The materials for the covers are canvases in subdued and natural colors, your photo album will gain timeless elegance
Elegant and majestic: thanks to its grandiose form and binding in soft velvets or elegant canvases
Custom cover with your text
Unlimited personalisation possibilities: easily adapt the style to your vision
Rigid album pages with an impressive thickness of approx. 1mm
The masterful beauty of the album's rigid pages will ensure a lasting and impressive presentation of your photos
The Online Designer is a simple tool that allows you to efficiently design a photo album
Efficiently design your photo album with ease using our user-friendly Online Designer tool
The flat-fold photo album will show your photos in full splendor
Layflat, panoramic page layout for perfect photo presentation
Certified photographic papers: Mohawk Eggshell, Canon Deep Matt and Fuji Silk
Certified photographic papers: Mohawk Eggshell, Canon Deep Matt and Fuji Silk

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from 99 GBP
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ArtiBook No.3 photo album price list
Size Number of pages Product price with paper:
Fuji Silk Mohawk Eggshell Canon Deep Matte
12x8" 10 105€ / 99£ 110€ / 104£ 117.5€ / 111.5£
10x10" 10 125€ / 119£ 130€ / 124£ 137.5€ / 131.5£
12x12" 10 145€ / 139£ 150€ / 144£ 157.5€ / 151.5£
17.5x12" 10 185€ / 179£ - -


Exceptional Photo Album For Exceptional Images

In a world that cherishes the beauty of photographs, the desire to preserve them in both digital and physical form grows stronger. This surge in popularity has led to a high demand for photo albums that offer a modern and elegant way to store and showcase these precious photographs. If you seek something truly distinctive and authentic, Artibook No.3  is destined to be a masterpiece. Uniting exceptional craftsmanship with timeless design, this album promises to evoke unique experiences and emotions through the art of photography.


What sets Artibook 3 apart and makes it a worthy choice?

To begin with, our photo albums serve as exquisite and enduring keepsakes. Preserving cherished memories and family history, they ensure that the significant moments of our lives are never forgotten. Opting for Artibook 3 means securing the longevity of your photos, making it a precious gift for future generations to treasure.

Furthermore, printed photos possess a distinct charm, capturing the essence of photography in a manner that's hard to replicate digitally. Artibook 3, an exceptional creation, beautifully complements these photographs, becoming an aesthetically pleasing adornment for your home. With its professional craftsmanship, this photo album stands as a coveted trophy, deserving to be proudly displayed.

Lastly, and perhaps most significantly, this photo album in printed form goes beyond mere storage; it becomes a captivating medium to display and share your cherished memories with others. Rest assured, you'll take great pride in sharing this album with your loved ones. Its design features, including flat-folding and stiff, full-print pages, ensure a delightful and seamless experience.


Discover What Makes Artibook No. 3 the Ultimate Premium Photo-Album

This monumental photo album was created with professionals in mind but in an accessible version for everyone. Here are 6 compelling reasons why it stands out as a premium photo album.

1. The Artibook No. 3 boasts heavyweight, 800g rigid cards, ensuring substantial durability and a luxurious feel.

2. Made from quality materials, personalised covers let you create and display unique designs that truly show your individuality.

3. Artibook No.3 features a lay-flat interior design, ensuring a seamless surface from the first page to the last. This guarantees that photos are showcased at 100%, making album browsing both convenient and comfortable.

4. The images printed in Artibook 3 are preserved on authentic photographic papers, guaranteeing their longevity and quality over the years. Photographic papers enhance colour vibrancy and detail sharpness, resulting in stunning visuals for your photos.

5. Our photo album features meticulously handcrafted bookbinding details, adding a unique touch of character and elegance. When combined with high-quality materials and photos, they result in an unparalleled outcome.

6. Artibook 3 stands as a premium photo album with a quality guarantee. The materials used are certified and possess archival museum-grade attributes, ensuring durability and resistance to ageing. This assurance means that your photo album will maintain its splendid appearance for years to come.

To sum it up, Artibook 3 shines as a high-end photo album, distinguished by its exceptional craftsmanship and top-quality materials. With features like its robust pages, personalized cover, flat-folding interior, photographic paper, handcrafted bookbinding details, and quality assurance, it's an excellent choice for discerning customers. For those who value both aesthetics and long-lasting elegance, Artibook 3 is a must-have.