Below are some of the most frequently asked questions by our customers to help you find quick answers.

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What ArtiBook type is the right choice for me?

Consider these factors to decide on the perfect ArtiBook for your story:

Content: Think about the theme and content of your story. Are you looking for a basic book or something more special and unique?

Budget: Define your budget for the photo book project.

Choose between:

ArtiBook No.1 - A minimalistic softcover photo book, our bestseller, featuring a light form and soft sheets, starting from £27.00

ArtiBook No.2 - A classic hardcover photo book with soft sheets, starting from £84.00

ArtiBook No.3 - A stylish photo album with rigid cards and lay-flat design, starting from £99.00.

ArtiBook No.4 - A photo book of the highest quality, beautifully elegant with lay-flat soft sheets, starting from £119.00

Learn more about our photo books here. You can also use our simple chart to compare the books.

Are the photos edited prior to printing?

Your photos will be printed as they are, without any editing, giving you complete creative control over the final outcome.

How can I find the price of Artibo products?

We have an open pricing policy. To check the price of a particular product, please check our price list available here or use the calculator by adding the product to the cart.

Are there any paper samples available?

We do not offer paper samples at the moment. 

what is the size of Artibo's signature logo print on the back of the books?

As part of the branding strategy, we print Artibo logo on the back cover of each photo book, it is around 20mm high.

How to remove Artibo’s signature logo print from ArtiBooks?

As you personalize your book, you will see an option to remove the logo among other add-ons. Please be aware that this is a paid service, and the price will be indicated on the calculator.

Can I print my own graphics/logo on the book cover?

Absolutely! If you place an order for a minimum of 10 copies of the same book, you can have your own graphics or logo printed on the cover. Please provide us with a vector graphic of your project. For more details, feel free to reach out to us at orders@artibo.com

For standard orders, we suggest using the Title Page as the first page of your book, which allows you to design it freely according to your preferences.

Is it possible to make changes to the project after payment has been made?

Unfortunately, once payment is made, the project is immediately sent to production. Consequently, any changes are not possible at this stage. We recommend thoroughly reviewing your project before finalizing the payment to ensure everything meets your expectations. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.

Is it possible to include text on the book spine?

At this time, we do not offer this service.

Is it possible to mix and match any paper type with any photo book type?

Regrettably, using more than one type of paper in a single photo book is not possible. You are limited to using only the paper type offered in your photo book; using a different type is not possible.

Are there any discounts available for ordering multiple copies of the same product?

Discounts apply as follows:

ArtiBook No.2, ArtiBook No.3, ArtiBook No.4: 5 or more copies (same project)

ArtiBook No.1: From 10 copies on (same project)

ArtiCards: From 3 packages on (same project)


For individual pricing, kindly contact us at info@artibo.com before placing the specified orders.

How can I extend the expiration date of a project I ordered in the past?

Completed/archived projects are removed after 400 days from the date of product purchase. To extend its validity by another 90 days, please copy the order (located in Order History) and place it in the cart.

If I ordered with you in the past, am I able to reorder the same project?

To place a reorder, navigate to the Customer zone and select "Order History." Click on "Show all" to view your previous orders. From there, you can easily copy your order, which finally would be added to the cart.



What is the size limit for each image uploaded?

The pictures inputted need to be in jpg / 300dpi/ sRGB/ from 1MB up to 30MB.

 In terms of photo books, the Online Designer will alarm you if the size of a picture is not accurate.

How to add a white border to Artibo postcard (ArtiCard)?

Our Online Designer draws the photo/design to the edges along with the bleeds. In order to create a postcard with borders, the design should be made in an external tool, e.g. Photoshop or InDesign, and then uploaded into the Designer on the front side of the postcard.

Should you wish to design a postcard with a white border, please contact us: info@artibo.com asking for additional details re postcard dimensions, bleeds, etc.

How can I share / proof my online photo book design with others?

In your cart, you will find a magnifying glass button. It allows you to preview your project. You can also generate a link here to send this preview to any number of people.

Can I postpone editing of my project for later?

Yes, you can edit your project freely, and make changes until the payment stage. Whenever finishing your work, click on the save button placed in the top right corner in the Online Designer.

I did not finish my project. When will it disappear from my cart?

Unpaid/ Unfinished projects are removed after 90 days from the date of their last edition. To postpone the date of project deletion by another 90 days, go to your cart and click on the Edit Project icon which is placed next to the magnifying glass button.

How to use a discount/promo code?

To apply the code to your order, add items to your cart and proceed through the checkout steps until the payment stage. Copy/paste your code in the box signed “Include Promo Code”. Once clicked on the “Apply” button, your order will reflect your savings amount.

What changes can I make at the designing project stage?

Practically, the only thing you cannot change once you started designing is the type of book, and the size, so all the add-ons like paper type, the title, number of pages are changeable.

How can I change the number of pages in my photo book?

In the bottom right corner of the Online Designer, you will find the “Add blank page” option or the “Remove” option. They allow you to change the number of pages in your design.

How do I order more than one copy of a photo book?

You may decide on the number of copies by using a quantity counter at the book personalisation stage:


You may also increase the number of copies once you have finished the design. The counter is available in the cart:


Delivery & Returns

Where do you deliver?

We deliver to most EU countries and the UK. Please feel free to check the list of all the countries we deliver, marked in blue on the map.

How long does it take for the product to be delivered?

We do our very best to keep delivery times to a minimum. Please check the “Production and shipping time” section to get more details.

What is your Return Policy?

We stand behind the products we create, your satisfaction is our priority.

Our products are personalised, thus cannot be returned for a refund once ordered unless they arrive damaged or with a quality issue. In case of such a problem, please contact us on orders@artibo.com, enclosing a short note and, ideally, some pictures. 

We will investigate it for you, and give you further instructions. You can read more about the procedure here.

The country I chose when setting up an account doesn’t match the country I currently live in. Can you still send the products to me?

Unfortunately not, the delivery is possible within the country chosen at the registration. If you have assigned your account to the wrong country, please set another account.

Delivery & Returns