Can a deleted design be retrieved?

Unfortunately, it is not possible. Deleting a design is an irreversible action.

Can I reorder my design?

Yes, your design is available in your Order History upon logging into your Artibo account. Click ‘Reorder’ and then add the design to your cart. Once the copy is complete, you will be able to reorder your product again.

How to increase the number of copies?

After adding the design to the cart, use the counter to change the number of copies you want to order.

Can I copy my design?

Yes, the cart functionality features a ‘copy’ option, after several minutes a precise copy of your order will be produced.

Can I change the product format after it has been designed?

Unfortunately, the format cannot be changed. If you insist on changing the format, you have to select a new product in the desired format and design it from scratch.

How can I add pages while designing a photo book?

In the bottom right corner of the ONLINE CREATOR, there is a Page Menu allowing users to add pages to the design.