Artibook No. 2
Hardcover photo book

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Hardcover photobook for Broad Peak
Available sizes: 12x8, 12x12, 16.5x12 inch
Hardcover photobook in natural colors
The covers in the collection made of natural canvases will provide your photos with a timeless, elegant frame
Personalized hardcover photo book
Personalized cover with your text
Classic photo book ArtiBook No.2
A solid structure, sewn spine, headband are synonyms of quality, it is an investment that you will never regret

ArtiBook 2 soft-page photobook
You can put from 20 to 120 pages in your photo book
ArtiBook No.2 photobook printed on FSC-certified paper
Choose from 3 types of papers: Artistic Mohawk, Matte Arctic and Classic Felix Luster
Book with photos from holidays, travels, trips
High-quality photo printing, perfect for the presentation of photos, graphics and texts
Simple photo book design - ArtiBook 2 - for everyone
We provide simple and quick design. With the new SMART option, you can create a photo book design with just one click
from 84 GBP
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ArtiBook No.2 photobook price list
Size Number of pages Product price with paper:
Arctic Matte / Felix Luster Mohawk Eggshell
12x8" 20 90€ / 84£ 110€ / 104£
12x12" 20 110€ / 104£ 130€ / 124£
16.5x12" 20 160€ / 154£ 180€ / 174£


Classic Photo Book with Art Quality

When we consider something beautiful, we don't analyze the impression, we just enjoy it. However, beauty is built on specific characteristics - by getting to know them, you will make conscious choices and avoid the pitfalls of imitation.


What makes a photo book truly beautiful?

Superior Materials: We use only the finest materials to ensure your photo book feels as luxurious as it looks. From the weight of the cover to the texture of the pages, every detail is meticulously chosen for an unparalleled experience.

Cutting-Edge Printing: Our advanced printing technology guarantees vibrant colours and crisp details, ensuring your photos come alive on every page.

Expert Bookbinding: Skilled artisans meticulously bind your photo book, creating a sturdy and elegant construction that will endure for generations.

That's how outstanding objects are created - furniture, watches, and... Artibook No. 2, which will withstand the test of time and seasonal trends. By combining these elements, Artibook No. 2 transcends fleeting trends. It becomes a cherished object, much like a fine piece of furniture or a treasured watch. It's a testament to the enduring power of memories, beautifully preserved for you to revisit and share for years to come.


Choose Your Perfect Format and Layout

With Artibook No. 2, you have the freedom to customize your photo book's size, page count, and layout to reflect the unique story you want to tell

12x8 inch landscape (most versatile)
This is the basic size of a hardcover photo book and offers a great deal of adaptability. The horizontal layout makes designing photo placements on pages straightforward. Choose this format if your photographic project features mostly panoramic layout photos.

12x12 inch square (safe and elegant)
A square format photo book, especially in the size of 12x12 inches, is a timeless choice. Large pages allow for the placement of many photos or the highlighting of individual photographs in full splendour. The square format also provides flexibility for composing layouts with photos in both vertical and horizontal frames.

16.5x12 inch / A3 landscape (impressive impact) 
For a truly grand presentation, consider this large format photo book. When unfolded, it reaches an impressive 16.5x33 inches. This size is ideal for showcasing your best photographic projects, and making a big visual impact. A photo book in this size will hold many photos, allowing individual images to be presented in all their glory.

Page Count:
Choose from 28 pages (14 sheets) for a concise presentation or expand to 120 pages (60 sheets) for a comprehensive narrative.

Artibook 2 nie rozkłada się na płasko. Rozwiązanie inspirowane klasyczną książką sprawia, że układ zdjęć nie powinien przekraczać jednej strony. Można wybrać zadruk w układzie jedna fotografia na kartkę, druga strona pusta lub zadruk dwustronny. Rodzaj zadruku nie ma wpływu na cenę.


The Art of Classic Bookbinding in Artibook No. 2

Every detail of Artibook No. 2 is meticulously crafted to deliver a luxurious experience. The premium hardcover creates a stunning first impression, while the stitched and glued spine ensures your photo book will withstand the test of time. A touch of decorative elegance comes in the form of the headband, a ribbon that reinforces the stitching and adds a touch of sophistication. The elegant black inner cover seamlessly connects the personalized cover with the book block, creating a cohesive and polished look.

Inspired by the elegance of classic books, Artibook No. 2 hardcover photo books do not lie completely flat when opened.

You have the freedom to choose between two printing options:

Single-sided printing: One photo per page with the back blank. This option provides a clean and minimalist presentation, allowing each image to stand out on its own.

Double-sided printing: Photos are printed on both sides of the page. This option allows you to maximize the number of photos you can include in your photo book, creating a more comprehensive narrative.

Regardless of the printing option you choose, the price of your Artibook No. 2 remains the same. The focus is on providing you with the flexibility to create a photo book that perfectly reflects your unique style and vision.


Choosing the Perfect Paper for Your Artibo Photo Book

Remember, all our papers are top-quality, archival-grade, and certified for safety and sustainability.

Artistic Matt - Mohawk Eggshell (for a natural, artistic look)

  • Imagine a classic art book - that's the vibe! This thick, high-quality paper has a slightly textured surface that absorbs light, giving your photos a softer, more natural look. Colors appear a touch warmer, and contrast is slightly reduced.
  • Perfect for: Reportage photography, portraits, artistic photos where a natural feel is desired.


Arctic Matte (for vibrant, crisp photos):

  • This paper is all about showing off your photos in all their glory! It's smooth and bright white, making colors pop and creating sharp contrasts. Plus, it's resistant to fingerprints and scratches, so you can handle your photo book without worry.
  • Perfect for: All types of photography, especially landscapes, travel photos, and images with a lot of detail.


Felix Luster (for a touch of shine and extra protection)

  • This paper offers a happy medium between a matte and glossy finish. It has a subtle texture with a very gentle sheen, giving your photos a touch of elegance. It's also more resistant to moisture, fingerprints, and scratches than other paper types, making it a great choice for a photo book you'll be flipping through often.
  • Perfect for: Almost any type of photography! It's a versatile option that works well with a variety of styles.



Advanced Printing for Stunning Results

Electroink Advantage:  We go beyond the standard CMYK color profile. Artibook No. 2 utilizes HP Indigo's Electroink technology, which adds special "light" versions of cyan, magenta, and black ink. This results in purer, more vibrant colors with a smoother, more even finish.

Exceptional Detail:  From the brilliance of whites and highlights to the depth of blacks and shadows, Artibook No. 2 captures every detail of your photos with remarkable clarity. This ensures your cherished memories are reproduced with stunning accuracy.


Artibook No. 2 hardcover photo books are the perfect blank canvas to capture your most cherished moments in stunning detail.


Travel adventures: Relive the breathtaking landscapes and cultural gems from your journeys in a large-format Artibook No. 2, perfect for showcasing panoramic vistas.

Family heirlooms: Create a beautiful and durable family photo book, documenting your loved ones and milestones for generations to come.

Special occasions: From weddings and graduations to once-in-a-lifetime experiences, Artibook No. 2 is the ideal way to preserve these precious memories and effectively fight against time.

Professional portfolios: As a creative professional, elevate your work with a classically beautiful and durable

Our user-friendly design tools let your creativity flow freely. Don't let your photos languish on your device. Give them the special presentation they deserve. Order your Artibook No. 2 today and start crafting your own story book!